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Giacomo Antonio Luca

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     Thank you and welcome to my site.

For me, I don’t see journalism as simply a career, it’s a lifestyle. I’ve dedicated my life to seeking truth and reporting it.

I currently host and work as a Digital Journalist for the non-stop streaming platform LiveNOW from FOX which provides up to the minute, live events, and breaking news along with interviews from insightful and engaging experts on all topics important to our national audience.

Previously, I worked as a multimedia journalist with ABC10 (KXTV-TV) in Sacramento, California.

I have more than a decade experience working in local television newsrooms and have reported in nine states from coast to coast — At the scene of countless natural disasters and major breaking news events.

I also know the vital role of a journalist to seek information by observing city council meetings, filing public record requests, building sources and most of all trust in the communities you serve.

A great journalist today requires the right balance of grit and polishIntuition and resolve, along with an unending thirst for curiosity, while knowing the difference between being pushy and being persistent, while valuing empathy and humility.

When in a respectful and competitive working environment, I thrive under extreme pressure events and shine when developing daily enterprise content. I bring with me a true care and respect for my centuries old profession, especially with the pragmatic understanding that our fragile and young democracy appears to be under constant threat.

I deeply respect the core tenants and principles of objective, contextual, yet empathetic journalism. I’ve innate critical thinking skills, am uncannily observant, and have mastered the art of listening and when necessary to question unconditionally.

I am completely grounded in who I am as a person and professional. I also know the full weight and importance of my profession in society. With that, I am invested in reaching the voices of American’s who have not been historically and equitably represented on news broadcasts. I recognize the imperative of pitching news stories and seeking out stories involving people from all walks of life, even when their ideas are not popular.

I have a through understanding and genuine interest in American government, law, the criminal justice system, the Courts, and am an avid defender of the constitution — Especially the tenats ideological of freedom established in the first amendment.

Being situated in the capitol of the world’s 6th largest economy and a region that is heavily being burdened by the impacts of climate change and extreme weather — My pen has been at the center of national and international headlines.

In between the daily grind, I’m researching my next enterprise, investigation, or feature. I understand the economic challenges this industry is facing but promise if you invest in my future and treat me fair, I can guarantee a solid return.

During my tenure in Sacramento, I most recently spent the last three years reporting on the coronavirus pandemic since it reached the United States.

From the arrival of the first American’s being evacuated and repatriated from Wuhan, to the first case of community spread in America, to the cruise ship held off the Pacific Coast, the dramatic impact on schools, health and mental health, and so much more.

I have extensively reported on the issues surrounding the state’s growing homelessness crisis, the rise in violent crimes and even the less magnified lower level crimes that diminish quality of life, the rising cost of rent and housing, numerous social and racial justice protests, California’s ever evolving legal and judicial system, and so much more.

As 180,000 people were given the order to evacuate after the Oroville spillway collapsed in 2017 risking catastrophic flooding in the Sacramento region, I went toward the town where emergency officials were providing emergency updates. I continued to report in the aftermath of a crisis averted on what led to the structural failures, the repair costs mounting to billions of dollars, and ways to prevent it from ever happening again.

I witnessed world history on November 8, 2018 in Paradise, California when 85 people were killed and nearly 19,000 homes and businesses destroyed in the Camp Fire, caused by faulty utility equipment owned by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the nation’s largest monopoly as the sole electric source for 16 million Californian’s. The trauma and the billions of dollars in damages will cost Californian’s for generations. In the months following, I sought out and was trusted to tell the stories of dozens of Camp Fire survivors while relentlessly pursuing answers from utility and government officials about the most tragic failure in California history.

I feel I have gained a life-time of knowledge through real world experiences in my short career and still I thirst for more. I truly love what I do and have never known or sought to know anything else. I feel blessed that so many hundreds of people have shared their life stories with me. I understand the great responsibility and care that must go into crafting the historical account as seen through my front row ticket to the world — The good, the bad and the ugly.

I am also an adept photojournalist and videographer with a keen eye who takes pride in shooting. In my current role, I turn consistent conversational, informative, and hard hitting content as a solo-journalist on the regular. I’m a team player who is willing and capable of solid work alone, but my full potential shines in in a team environment.

If you are interested in connecting about career opportunities, networking, mutual interests or more — Please reach me at GiacomoLuca@outlook.com or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @GiacomoLucaTV.

Thanks for your interest in my journey,

Giacomo Antonio Luca

I earned my chops straight out-of-college as the bureau reporter for KFVS-TV covering Illinois’ 16 Southern most counties, a mostly rural area with a geographic area roughly 100 square miles. There, I spent months reporting on the fallout of an unprecedented state budget stalemate, that brought with it unprecedented and devastating fallout to the economy South of the windy-city where the largest employer is the state of Illinois. It was all over a party line feud between the Republican Governor and Democrat leaders in Springfield.

I told stories about the human impact of an economic crisis completely manufactured by the government’s failure to agree, while holding officials at the highest levels of government accountable.

During my early career, I reported in the nation’s heartland during the great New Year’s floods along the Mississippi in 2015 and 2016. More than 20 people lost their lives, many more were underwater in the dead of Midwestern Winter. Southern Illinoisan’s and Missourian’s trusted me then to tell their stories in moments of extreme suffering, adversity and heroism.

I am a proud Italian-American with deep ethnic roots in the Southern region of Calabria. I speak and write conversational Italian and Portuguese. I’m happily married to my best friend and wife, Gessica, a Brazilian national who has a profound love for her country and people. Our family embraces people from all walks of life.

I began my on-air career at the age of 21 while still studying at University, commuting eight hours each weekend to anchor and producer the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts for Lima’s WLIO-TV in West Central Ohio.

Between 2011 and 2014, I completed television internships with WAWS-TV in Jacksonville, WXIX-TV in Cincinnati, and WGN-TV in Chicago. During these experiences, I gained my inspiration for the business while learning how vital every role in the newsroom. I helped news desks, learn to produce a show, assisted reporters in the field, field produced segments for broadcast, pitched ideas, wrote for digital and broadcast and quite frankly fell in love with the business.

I am a recipient of the John R. McClelland Reporting Award from Roosevelt University, an Illinois College Press Association Award for an editorial cartoon, and the Curtis D. MacDougall Scholarship for Journalism.

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I’m always up for seeking new professional endeavors. Please reach me anytime for new opportunities to network, collaborate on projects, or to request a speaking engagement. (312) 572-9588 | GiacomoLuca@outlook.com